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An easy way to help our undergraduate members is by alerting them of internships, co-ops, and other early career opportunities in your company. By serving as a network in this way, you are helping the next generation of Beta Sigs take a step towards success in their future careers.

To alert an undergraduate chapter of a career opportunity, email with the below information about the opportunity. Your email will then be forwarded on to the president of that chapter, who can then distribute the information to their members. Some members may also reach out to you with questions from there. In your email, please include the following information:

  • The company the career opportunity is with
  • The title of the career opportunity (or opportunities)
  • Your connection to the company/ your role in the company
  • A link to an online job posting, information on how they can apply, and/ or where they can get more information on the opportunity
  • Any other relevant information about the opportunity
  • Finally, please also indicate which chapter(s) you want the information forwarded to. This may be based on the location of the chapter(s) relative to the career opportunity, for example. For a list of our current chapters, visit this page and scroll down.

Thank you for your investment in the careers of our undergraduate members!

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