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The Beta Sigma Psi Educational Foundation offers Scholarship and Grant opportunities for both active members of Beta Sig and upcoming high school graduates. These Scholarships are a way of giving back in our effort to serve as stewards of Christ and the world. Young men who wish to apply are under no obligation to join Beta Sigma Psi or be related to a member for consideration. Applicants may apply for multiple awards if they are still deciding which school they plan to attend. Below, we have links to scholarship applications being offered at various universities. If you have any questions, we have included contact information for the Scholarship Committee at each school.

About the Beta Sigma Psi Educational Foundation

Beta Sigma Psi exists to promote the personal development of its members, our Brothers. By working together, undergraduates are exposed to a wide variety of growth experiences as leaders, followers, and teammates. They manage their own organizations, identify problems, set goals and learn through successes and failures in a supportive environment. This is all part of the fraternity experience that prepares our members for more successful lives.

The Beta Sigma Psi Educational Foundation is a fully qualified, tax-exempt charitable organization. It was founded in 1982 to provide for the educational and developmental needs of fraternity members and incoming college students. Contributions to the Beta Sigma Psi Educational Foundation are deductible to the extent allowed by law under Section 170 of the IRS code. This money is placed in an endowment which generates interest from a portfolio of investments. Interest earned is used to fund annual operations of Beta Sigma Psi as well as special projects. Donors are also able to designate their gifts towards special sub-funds that are set up for specific purposes (such as Academic Scholarships) or collegiate chapters.


  • Q: How do I apply for an Educational Foundation scholarship?

    A: Scholarship application forms are typically distributed to the active chapters in January/February of each year. The applications are due on the date indicated on the forms, before summer break. Those selected to receive a scholarship will be notified shortly thereafter.

  • Q: How does the Educational Foundation choose scholarship recipients? Why don’t you make sure each chapter gets the same amount of scholarships?

    A: Scholarship recipients are chosen based on the criteria noted on each of the application forms: Academic Achievement, Campus Involvement, and Financial Need. We consciously avoid considering a member’s chapter in the selection process. To impose quotas would force us to select one person when a person at another chapter may be much more deserving of the scholarship based on the criteria. In a given year, one chapter may receive more scholarships than another. This is especially true of Financial Need scholarships. The demographics and costs of some universities are such that more students are in need of financial aid.

  • Q: What sorts of items are eligible for a grant?

    A: Generally anything which is primarily educational in nature. This would include computers for the chapter (not individuals), printers, computer network components, desks, chapter library or computer room construction, seminars and workshops, and scholarships. Items that are NOT eligible (to be conservative for the IRS) would include heating and cooling systems for a chapter house, plumbing, general construction and maintenance, furniture other than desks, kitchen equipment, and other items where there is no obvious direct educational benefit.

  • Q: I would like to donate to the Educational Foundation, but I have not been contacted by the phone-a-thon or by mail. How do I get on the phone-a-thon list and how do I make a donation?

    A: Technically everyone who is an alumni member of Beta Sigma Psi is on the phone-a-thon list if we have a current address and phone number for you. If you have not been contacted, a lack of current information for you may be the cause. Be sure to keep your address, phone, and email address up to date with the National Office. The second reason you may not have been contacted is simply lack of time. Only so many phone calls can be made during the phone-a-thon each year. If you have not donated to the Educational Foundation in the last couple of years or are a recent graduate, you will not be in the first group of people contacted, since the first people called are those who donated last year. To donate to the Educational Foundation, you can send a check to the National Office made out to the Beta Sigma Psi Educational Foundation, and be sure to include your chapter and initiation year on a note.

  • Q: What happens to my donations to the Educational Foundation?

    A: Normal donations of less than $200 are placed in the Educational Foundation’s general fund and used for a variety of things – annual expenses, National scholarships, National programs, and various other needs. Donations of $200 and greater can be designated for an endowment to a specific sub-fund. Available sub-funds for endowment include chapters currently in operation, the John Judge Memorial Campaign for Excellence, National Office Operations, Scholarships and Grants, Ethical Leadership Education, Timothy Kettler Christian Leadership Award, William Welge Scholarship Fund, Seminary Scholarships (alumni), and National Expansion/Recruitment. The investment earnings from these sub-funds are then used to fund scholarships, equipment, materials, and programming specifically for those purposes. The endowed donations remain invested for perpetuation.

For any questions, contact our Grants Director for the Beta Sigma Psi Educational Foundation at

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